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Amanda Barnett: Writing coach, mentor, and freelance editor

See what a few award winning best selling authors
have to say about Amanda Barnett, freelance editor.

Amanda Barnett has been my editor since 2010. She helped me to grow and develop as an author, coaching me with gentle feedback to bigger and better work. I would have to say my biggest success (to date) with Amanda, is my book Obsession. This book was the Winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild Best Mystery/Thriller in 2012 and a 2014 EPIC e-book awards finalist. It was picked up by Amazon Encore for an exclusive digital contract and is now going to become an audio book. I love working with Amanda and recommend her to you with enthusiasm and without reservation. 

Legacy of Evil, my second book in the Hotel Labelle series won the 2019 Rone award for paranormal short.

~~Sharon Buchbinder, Multipublished Author 

Sharon Buchbinder, Romance Author
Who Let the Jinni Out of the Bottle?



“I have greatly enjoyed working with Amanda Barnett at The Wild Rose Press. She’s an astute editor as well as being supportive and enthusiastic about my work. Her editorial comments are right on the mark and have helped improve my books. She points out inconsistencies and repetitions that I don’t see for myself and suggests ways to make the story stronger. Silver Serenade was a Top Pick 5 Stars at The Romance Reviews and won their Best Book award in romantic scifi/fantasy. Warrior Rogue was a finalist in the Reader’s Crown Awards and the Carolyn Readers Choice Awards. I have Amanda to thank for these accolades. She is a gem of an editor, and I highly recommend her services.”

Nancy J. Cohen
The Drift Lords Series



When you're an author, the best thing that can happen to you is meeting an editor who 'gets' how you write, and who understands what you're trying to accomplish with a story. It's not enough to just get the words spelled correctly, or to have the proper punctuation in place. It's about finding the problems in a plot that will destroy the manuscript. Amanda Barnett is one of the best editors in the business. She's honest and works diligently to get an edited copy back to the author, in a timely fashion. No writer gets through this business alone. It takes an amazing, honest editor to make a novel publish-worthy. I trust Amanda Barnett implicitly!

Candace Sams - author of over sixty novels, winner of over thirty Romance Writers of America awards, an Amazon Best Seller, recipient of five National Readers' Choice Awards, a USA Today Award Winner, and now movie optioned.



I love working with Editor Amanda Barnett. I appreciate how she’s willing to listen to my opinions, and I have learned so much from her. She can make a good book great, and give a great book that little extra sparkle.
Gini Rifkin - Multi-published 4 and 5 star author of Fantasy-Sci Fi, Medieval and Victorian Romance as well as Historical Westerns. Winner of Trans Canada Romance Writers Maple Leaf award, and Editor’s top pick at Still Moments Magazine. Viewer’s Choice Award for the Paranormal Romance Guild 2015.



“Amanda Barnett is an ideal editor, and I treasure our working relationship. Her professionalism, knowledge, and skill have enhanced each one of my books, while maintaining my author “voice” within the stories. Her keen eye as an editor is one that every author should have by their side in this business, and I look forward to working with her for many more years.”

Bestselling Romance, fantasy, and time-travel author of The Dragon Knights as well as The Fenian Warrior series. 2018 Rone Award Winner Fantasy Romance, Mary Morgan.



"Working with Amanda Barnett is a true pleasure. She is always professional and responsive, and she has an excellent eye for helping my manuscripts shine. I've been especially grateful when she sees the gaps in my story, where an extra scene will help complete things in a more satisfying way. It's so valuable to get her experienced perspective." 

Diana Green - Amazon Bestselling Author - winner of the 2016 EPIC Awards Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Category, and the 2015 Paranormal Awards Romance Category.



I first wrote, IT’S A WONDERFUL UNDEAD LIFE in 2008. I submitted it to The Wild Rose Press and the manuscript was accepted with certain changes. At the time life had me a little overwhelmed and I sat on things. Truth be told I wasn’t sure the book was good enough—that I was good enough to be an actual writer. Almost two years later, I re-contacted The Wild Rose Press editor I’d spoken with the first time, and SHE REMEMBERED MY BOOK. To this day I’m amazed at how clearly she remembered the plot.

Then came the hard part. Like an adult teaching a child to walk, my editor held my hand through all of the re-writes. She remained positive, supportive, and upbeat. This was despite the fact I continually changed my mind and rewrote the entire manuscript so many times it took another couple of years to get it ready for print. Shall I say my editor is a saint?

RE Mullins Multi-published author.


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