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What does an author need before typing The End? What about a writing coach, a mentor, and an experience editor?
Doesn't your book deserve that kind of attention?


Amanda Barnett: Writing coach, mentor, and freelance editor


Not just an editor but a mentor and writing coach.

I have been in the publishing business since 2000. I have been an editor and evaluation editor during that time, and a senior editor, at the Wild Rose Press since 2007. I use my experience to help authors grow their own creativity. My promise to you is that I will always work like a dog to help you realize your dream.

What I Offer...

Writing and coaching: Personal assessment, realism in the book, point of view, plot flaws, creativity, character development, dialogue, voice, style, and goal, motivation, and conflict in your work, as well as copy-edits. What editors want and don't want to see when they are looking for a new author to contract. I give an overall look at your book and give you my thoughts on what works or doesn't. I also check punctuation and formatting when I do line edits.

Blurbs: Writing a blurb should not make you pull your hair out. Yet, in a lot of cases it does.  Instead of taking time away from writing, allow Amanda to create an original blurb for your book.  Options include: Blurb for back of the book, also a tagline if needed, and a shorter advertising blurb.

Just a few of my satisified authors...


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